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Stone Processing 

Since 1995, El-Baraka Group has been committed to manufacturing high quality stone products that meet international standards. As part of our  production strategy, we have strategically invested in the latest Italian technology to produce stone tiles and semi-finished products that will add value to our clients' architectural projects and distribution chain. 

Powered by Finmeccanica, our stone processing plants are individually designed to meet the specificities and requirements of each of our materials. 

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Quality Control

We believe that superior QUALITY is not simply the outcome of  well-designed procedures, but a  fundamental value that forms an integral part of our COMPANY CULTURE. This is how we transform natural stone into durable, sustainable and versatile limestone tiles that appeal to contemporary designers, architects and the most demanding end-buyers. Furthermore, we believe that in the stone sector, delivering quality means to keep up a PROMISE on which business relationships are built and extended. To achieve that, we literally 'leave no stone unturned'. 

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4 Manufacturing Plants

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