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About Us

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Our History. Our Pride. 

Founded in 1995, El-Baraka Group is a family-owned enterprise 

that has rapidly grown to incorporate four production plants and eight quarries. In its early days, El-Baraka Group consolidated its international operations by establishing strategic partnerships with Chinese industrial groups. Under the leadership of Barakat Saeed, the Group has gone through a major transformation which targeted infrastructure acquisition and technology investment. Most importantly, in recent years, El-Baraka Group managed to out-shadow local competitors by providing its clients privileged access to high-end materials that are not commonly outsourced in this region. Direct access to materials means maximising our clients' profit margin by presenting an offer that is simply unbeatable. 

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El-Baraka Group believes that investment in human resources 

is key to a company's success. Managing both factory and export operations in challenging contexts requires a superior cultural and management competence that it is, indeed, hard to come by. This is why we have invested in developing expertise through capacity building, while fostering a company culture based on enhanced communication and skills-sharing. Our staff comprises UK graduates whose  experience spans from Europe, North America and the Gulf. 

International Management
Leader in Natural Stone Manufacturing  
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